Old World Witchery for the 21st Century

Magick holds an interesting place in our culture right now. To be a witch, to claim the title, to walk a Pagan path, or to practice the magickal arts are all still fringe activities that label the person an outsider, a weirdo. Yet the actual practices of the witch - crystals, herbs, tarot cards, meditation, … Continue reading Old World Witchery for the 21st Century

Raising Witches

A few hours ago, I was trying to get my little witchlet to take a nap, so we were snuggling on the couch under the open windows. I thought I smelled the first hints of rain in an otherwise blue sky - but I could see the haze on the horizon. I could see the … Continue reading Raising Witches

Kitchen Witchery: Popcorn Manifestation

Kitchen magick is all about simple spellcasting. It’s the art of using the things around to you improve your life, your hearth, & yourself. Kitchen witches take soup and make a healing potion; they bake cookies infused with happiness; they weave a spell of protection with every swept floor. You’re making magick out of the … Continue reading Kitchen Witchery: Popcorn Manifestation