Hey, witch! Do you want to dive deeper into your magick and build a practice that is personal, sustainable, and effective? Let’s chat!

Option One: Casual Community Mentorship

By joining the coven community on Facebook and/or Discord, you gain instant access to tons of witches from different types of practice, levels of experience, and places around the world. We’re a safe space to talk about your growing interest, ask questions, swap stories, and get to know other like-minded magickal practitioners.

Plus – it’s free! You never have to pay a penny to join the general groups, so you can work on developing your practice even if you can’t dedicate yourself financially at this time.

Option two: Study session mentorship

If you have the means to toss a little cash towards learning, Study Sessions are single appointment-style mentoring sessions where we can chat about your needs and I can offer guidance and expertise, without the commitment of a full partnership. If you have specific questions and want a deeper walkthrough than what an email or private message can provide, this might be the best choice for you.

Option three: Private Access Mentorship

This option is for people who have the time and finances to dedicate to a more serious practice. For a reasonable monthly fee, you have premium access to me for study & coaching opportunities.

We’ll meet initially to talk about your desires and goals, and then monthly to go over your progress and assign areas of study. Each mentorship is freeform, so we can design it based on your needs and resources.

Private Access Mentorships work based on a sliding scale, and scholarship opportunities are available.

Below are some “getting to know you” questions so I can more deeply understand who you are and what you want out of your craft and this potential partnership. Once submitted, I’ll be in touch to firm up the details, arrange payment, and schedule our first chat. If, for whatever reason, I don’t believe we’ll be a good fit, I’ll have suggestions for alternative resources for you.

Filling out this form is not a legally binding contract and you should not be sending money or payment at this time. This is purely to gather information and gauge interest.