I’m Aradia, a practicing and professional witch for over 20 years. I teach witchcraft and magick to beginners on the path, craft magickal gear and goodies, create free content around the web, and moderate a private community for witches who want a drama-free place to learn, grow, and make friends.

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The work I do is a passion project, for sure, but to be able to put out the content I want to, on a schedule I’d like to maintain, requires help and support. You can learn more details about how to support the mission (and get some bonus swag as a thank you!) on my Patreon.

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I create funny & educational videos all about magick & witchcraft over on TikTok. While there may be a plethora of #WitchTok content, not all of it is smart, well informed, and understandable for new witches. I aim to create free content for anyone to partake in that encourages critical thinking and academic thought that isn’t boring or stifling to the magick at work. This is the direction the magickal community needs to be presenting to new seekers, and this is the content I pledge to create.

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Before there was a Patreon, before there was TikTok, there was the small yet passionate Modern Day Magick community on Facebook. We’re a group of down to earth magick makers from all walks of witchy life that come together in a drama free environment to talk, learn, and share the best witchy memes this side of Reddit. Join us if you want to learn from, and make friends with, witches who have their roots in the ground and their dreams among the stars.

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For tools, materials, kits, and unique gear, check out Modern Day Magick on Etsy. While not the most fully stocked witchcraft shop on the web, it does serve as a place for me to put up merch, tools & supplies, extra inventory from Coven Kits (monthly share-with-a-friend subscription boxes), and issues of my magickal zine Arcana. The shop is updated monthly with new gear and goodies, from stickers to fully stocked altar kits and more.

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If you are looking for a fully stocked witchcraft shop on the web, check out Tangled Roots Herbal – New England’s premier shop on the web for witchcraft, herbal, and spiritual needs. We even have a brick and mortar location in southern NH!

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If you love my work and want to support it, but don’t need all the other swag, I do have a tip jar set up. Leaving a tip means I can help provide my family with basic creature comforts, and we appreciate it from the bottoms of our hearts.

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Have a question? Want to chat? My broom closet is always open.

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