Botanical Healing



I’m an intuitive herbalist, holistic bodyworker, spiritual coach, and practicing witch.

Through a combination of accessible online education, specially crafted witchcraft supplies, curated community, IRL sacred space events, free content, and one on one mentoring sessions, I help modern witches just like you reclaim their inner magick in a way that feels unique & intuitive to you.

Botanical blends, curated kits, magickal merch, & kid-friendly crafts.

Mindfully designed to be as sacred and unique as your magick.

Seasonal insights. Witchy wisdom. Sacred space.

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Discord is a community-oriented platform designed for private and personalized communication. Discord members get direct access to a number of experienced witches, plus a safe space to gather virtually for circles and esbats or to arrange IRL meetups.

Modern Day Magick on Facebook is a small but growing group of magick makers looking to learn new things, connect with other witches, and share the weirdest memes! Facebook is a great option for those who can’t (or don’t want to) download and learn a new program.

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