What is a witch?

I have always felt that I lived on the fringes of society, whether it was from my witchy ways, my blossoming queerness, my undiagnosed neurodivergence, or my incredibly strong desire to slip into the pages of whatever fantasy novel I was currently reading.

In my opinion, witches are the overlooked, the marginalized, the oppressed, and the seemingly forgotten. We turn to witchcraft in an effort to reclaim the power that society tries to take from us. Witches come from all walks of life, all races, all skin colors, all identities, all classes, all backstories – but the one thing we have in common is a deep yearning to be something more than our greater culture has deemed for us. We know we’re made of star stuff and we intend to experience that to it’s fullest.

A witch is not a blind believer; in fact, a witch is more skeptic than you think. Because part of the magick is experiential – we test and develop and practice and craft and build a practice based on what works. After all, if magick didn’t work, why would we keep doing it?

You don’t have to cast spells to be a witch – but if you do, that’s okay too. You can live a seasonal, cyclical lifestyle – or not. Maybe you read Tarot cards and chart your moon cycles – or maybe that seems silly to you. No two witches look exactly the same, and that’s really the beauty of it. My witchcraft is not the same as your witchcraft. As long as we’re not harming other people (and yes, this includes appropriation), and we’re being true to ourselves and our inner wisdom, then there really aren’t any hard and fast rules. You’re a witch because you say you are. End of story.

Who am I?

I’ve been studying & practicing witchcraft seriously since I was 12 (about 25 years, if I’m dating myself), but as cliche as it is, I’ve been intuitively witchy “for as long as I can remember”.

I was the weird kid playing in the local graveyard, picking weeds and wildflowers to store in old juice containers for later potions, talking to trees, and collecting literally every rock I found on the ground.

I told ghost stories to all my friends. I laid traps for the Fae. I had an intuitive grasp on breathwork and my body. I taught myself to read and write the Elder Futhark, I read playing cards as an oracle, I loved getting my hands in the dirt and gardening with my mother.

I felt more at home among the trees and by the ocean than I did with most other kids. (I’m still this way.)

I dressed up as a witch every Halloween since the age of 6. I still do, but my costumes have evolved a bit.

Aside from that, I’m just a person. I’m a parent to a growing witchlet. I’m owned by a spectacularly grumpy cat. I’m a Pisces Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Libra Rising. I’m a writer, a bodyworker, a crafter, a reader, a plant lover, a hiker, an amateur foodie & baker, a good friend (or so I’ve been told), a podcast creator and avid listener, and secretly I’m either a pirate or a siren – or maybe I’m both.

What is Modern Day Magick?

This is a community. Whether we meet in a Facebook group, a Discord server, through the airwaves of a podcast, in the comments of a Tiktok video, or in real life in circle and sacred space, this is first and foremost a community of modern day magick makers, looking to carve out a personal practice that works, and make connections with other like-minded witches along the way.

This is a sacred space of learning. On this site, we have free content through blog posts, digital downloads, and video content through Tiktok and Youtube. If you find yourself in a position to afford it, we also have classes, courses, and mentoring you can pay for – and there’s always a sliding scale, because witchcraft should never fall behind a pay wall.

This is a resource. Using my years of personal practice and work within the metaphysical retail world, I craft and curate magickal tools and blends that I wish I could find out in the wild. I use all the tools I sell, and my hope is that you find some use out of them, too. Each and every item is crafted with care, love, and energy. If there’s something you want to see, ask. We’re a micro team, but we’re more than happy to do our best to fill your needs.

Ten percent of sales (or more) are donated to support various charities throughout the year: our favorites are Extra Life, the Human Rights Campaign, The Nature Conservancy, and Planned Parenthood.

We are an LGBTQIA+ owned and operated business, and look to support and center Queer and BIPOC witches and creators.

Our retail shop, sales, and shipping procedures are environmentally friendly and sustainable whenever possible.

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