rev those engines: solar eclipse April 2023

Our first eclipse of the year – and our first North Node eclipse in about a decade – is tonight/tomorrow morning (depending on where you are), and boy, are we kicking off with a doozy!

What is a hybrid solar eclipse?

A hybrid solar eclipse is when the eclipse can be seen as either annular or total, depending on where you are.

An annular eclipse is when the moon does not fully cover the sun and so we see a sliver, often called the “ring of fire”, and a total eclipse is when the moon fully covers the sun and we get a completely dark sky.

It’s really rare for both of these to happen in the same eclipse – in fact, a hybrid eclipse is the most rare type of eclipse we can get.

What is a north node solar eclipse?

Nodes are the two points on the moon’s orbit where it crosses the ecliptic, which is the Sun’s annual “path” across the sky. We know the Sun isn’t actually moving, but in astrology, it appears to, and it moves through all the houses and the signs just like every other celestial body.

When an eclipse lines up with a New or Full moon, its happening in the Node (North or South, respectively). Two separate factors need to happen for this to occur, so it’s not entirely common.

What does tonight’s eclipse mean?

Because of the rarity of the phenomena happening during the eclipse, the energy is going to be more intense than your usual solar eclipse. A hybrid eclipse just means we’re going to be more affected, but where the eclipse is happening the sky is where we get the most punch.

North node eclipses push us towards the unknown and encourage us to take significant, often uncertain leaps forward. You might feel yourself being pulled to make a hasty choice or decision, and the eclipse tonight is encouraging that!

Big risk, big reward, right?

The danger here is jumping blindly. A big risk doesn’t have to mean an uncalculated one.

Tonight’s eclipse wants you to embrace your passions, and considering the eclipse is kicking off Taurus season, we should have plenty of time to settle into the new energy of whatever choice we’ve made.

But it also encourages us to choose things that make us feel connected and grounded, which probably means there’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while and just haven’t had the confidence to go forward on.

Tonight’s the night, baby.

What to do tonight during the eclipse

Pay particular attention to your dreams tonight. Eclipses help to reveal hidden truths and emotions, which is easier to do – and come to terms with – through the subconscious. You may get a message of encouragement, gentle redirection, or even a clue as to what changes need to be made if you have no idea. Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up – or be like me and make a voice memo so you can get the details out faster.

Stay hydrated and be gentle with yourself. Your emotions may be all over the place. Eclipses are intense times, and new moons are usually times for introspection and new beginnings, so everything probably feels hyper-charged and teetering on the edge of something big. That’s to be expected. Ride the wave and sort through it all tomorrow.

Check where the North Node shows up in your natal chart. The themes of this house will be where you feel the affects most.

For example, my North Node is in my 7th house of Committed Partnerships. This means new energy surrounding commitments, collaborations, and emotional connections.

To further get the message across, when I pulled my daily Tarot card this morning, I pulled the 3 of Cups – Partnership. Collaboration. Community.

Turns out, this is all actually perfect timing. I have experience with managing volunteers and charity outreach events, and tomorrow morning I have a meeting with my local Planned Parenthood to see how we can collaborate. Charity work is something I’m deeply passionate about in general, and increasing awareness and access to reproductive healthcare more specifically. So based on everything happening in the skies tonight, plus my divination for the morning, I can expect this talk to go well, or at least know I’m on the right track.

Once you’ve figured out where the eclipse energy is showing up for you, do some spellwork around these topics tonight. Candle magick is especially powerful during new moons and eclipses, being the literal light shining through the darkness. You can bless crystals and talismans to help keep you grounded during the shake up, or even to absorb some of that momentum and energy to keep your projects moving forward at full steam.

And don’t forget your herbal allies! A tea of peppermint, holy basil, and hibiscus sounds divine right about now – support your heart, live in your joy, and keep the progress train moving forward, baby.

How are you riding the energy of the North Node Hybrid Eclipse?


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