Embrace Abundance & Transformation with Jupiter in Taurus

On Tuesday, May 16 at 1:20pm est, Jupiter is entering Taurus for the first time in over a decade and will stay there until May 25, 2024. This is one of the most anticipated astrological events of the entire year!

The transit of Jupiter in Taurus emerges as a transformative and awe-inspiring event. As the largest planet in our solar system meets the stable and prosperous sign of Taurus, we are presented with a unique opportunity to awaken abundance, ignite growth, and experience a profound shift in our lives.

Jupiter represents luck, abundance, opportunity, and expansion. Taurus is the sign of comfort, physical pleasures, groundedness, sensuality, and beauty. When Jupiter hangs out in Taurus, we can expect to spend the next year in blessings of bounty, abundance, and beauty.

Because Jupiter is so big and moves slowly, it gives off a very “go big or go home” energy – and in Taurus, we’re encouraged to focus on things that make us feel good, keep happy and optimistic vibes, and work towards a life that feels at once stable and expansive.

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During the Jupiter in Taurus transit, we are presented with a unique opportunity to manifest abundance and materialize our dreams. Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, inspires us to connect with our deepest desires and find joy in the tangible world. It invites us to ground our intentions, work diligently towards our goals, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Under this cosmic influence, we are encouraged to trust in our innate ability to attract wealth, opportunities, and prosperity.

Taurus is associated with stability and personal values, and as Jupiter infuses its energy into this sign, we are invited to explore our core beliefs and expand our horizons. This transit encourages us to reflect on what truly matters to us and to invest our time and energy in activities that align with our authentic selves. It nudges us to step out of our comfort zones, embrace new experiences, and foster personal growth in ways that bring long-lasting fulfillment.

Taurus, being an earth sign, holds a profound connection to the natural world. During the Jupiter in Taurus transit, we are encouraged to strengthen our bond with nature, recognizing its inherent abundance and healing properties. Spending time in natural settings, tending to plants, or engaging in grounding practices like forest bathing or gardening can enhance our connection to the earth’s energies and amplify the transformative potential of this transit.

Where it falls in your chart can also help you narrow down that idea. Look at your natal chart and find the house that’s ruled by Taurus, then apply these ideas to the realms of your life controlled by that house.

For example: if Taurus rules your 8th house of expansion, rebirth, and joint financial matters, Jupiter’s transit into Taurus marks a period of auspicious prosperity if you’ve been looking to improve your financial situation with a partner, start a business, or grow your own abundance in whatever ways that looks like to you.

If Taurus rules your 5th house of pleasure, romance, and creativity, spend the next year using Jupiter’s expansive energy to really get in touch with your own body and needs and discover what makes you feel good, loved, and sexy – whether you’re with a partner or two or flying solo.

Think about the ways and directions you want your life to be growing to make you feel secure, sexy, and successful, and put plans in place to get there! The energy over the next year is only going to support those dreams.

Allies to help you make the most of this transit:

Green Aventurine

When I think of good luck energy, Green Aventurine is the first stone that comes to mind. It’s vibration helps bring us positivity and encourages beneficial outcomes to situations. Its especially good for financial luck and upward growth, as green typically associates with those ideals. Keep Green Aventurine on your altar or in your pocket to help connect you to this incredibly lucky celestial energy.


Plants associated with Jupiter are often large, bushy plants that grow easily and everywhere, which definitely describes Artemisia vulgaris, but beyond that, Jupiter is a ruling planet of Pisces, and Pisces gets along very well with Mugwort as a plant of dreams and intuition. Use Mugwort in spells, teas, or even just tucked under your pillow to encourage you to dream big and make those dreams a reality.


The bull is the symbol of Taurus, but it’s also an animal associated with the planet Jupiter. Bulls are seen as wise, strong, steady, and goal oriented. Bulls are also commonly used in fertility workings, so they can represent creativity and rebirth. Use the energy of Bull to focus on your goals for the next year and grow your life into what you truly desire it to be.

Spellwork for Jupiter in Taurus:

Determine the goal you’re looking to achieve in the next year.

Get a large, thick pillar candle, or a tall glass jar candle holder you can replace the candle within. (If you want to cast this for more than one outcome, get a separate candle for each goal or intention)

Gather herbs, stones, and other symbols that represent your intention, but also the ideals of Taurus and Jupiter. Ideas include sweet smelling seasonal flowers for the sensuality of Taurus, coins for the luck of Jupiter, biodegradable glitter, crystals, and custom designed sigils keyed to your spell.

If you have a pillar candle, carve into the candle any descriptive words, numbers, or sigils to infuse the candle with your manifestation intentions. You can include names or symbols of deities or guides that are around to help you. Be sure to carve the symbols for Jupiter and Taurus somewhere prominently on the candle. If using a glass jar, you can draw, paint, or tape these things on (make sure they’re on the outside of the jar).

Take your favorite oil for anointing candles (you can get some here!) and rub the oil into your candle while speaking your intentions aloud or add some drops to the bottom of the candle holder.

If you have herbs, you can roll your candle in the herbs and have them stick with the oil or sprinkle the herbs at the bottom of the candle holder. (If doing this, be sure the herbs are used sparingly if they’re going to come close to flame and be extra careful and vigilant when burning the candle.)

Once your candle is anointed and adorned, put it in a sacred place on your altar where you can safely light it every Thursday (the day of expansion and success, ruled by Jupiter) until your situation manifests itself or the candle burns out.

When lighting your candle for the first time, state out loud what it is you want to grow or manifest in your life. Be as detailed and passionate in your description as you can. Alternatively, you can say:

“I call to me that which lights my soul on fire
By Jupiter’s might in Taurus’ sky
As your energy grows, so does my intention of
[speak your goal or intention out loud as passionately as you can]
As this candle glows, so does the fire that keeps me going.
By your blessing, I see my world grow and change
By my blessing, I call upon your stable ground and outward momentum
To manifest my deep desires.”

Each time you relight the candle, say, “By Jupiter’s might in Taurus’ sky, as you grow, so do I.”

If your candle burns out before your spell is complete, collect the reusable items and anoint a new candle, or keep the items on you as talismans to keep the energy moving and attached to you.

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