Have the Best Pisces Season With These 5 Tips

I hope your have your dream journal, cup of tea, and box of tissues handy – it’s officially Pisces season!

Whether or not you have any direct connection to this zodiac sign, this time of year is powerful and important for anyone living a seasonal lifestyle – which means following natural cycles as you move throughout your years.

What is Pisces Season?

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and so these 4ish weeks are really the culmination of the astrological year. If each zodiac sign has something to teach you, and each season builds on the knowledge learned from the seasons before, Pisces season contains a little bit of all of us: of all the emotion and knowledge and magick we’ve been working on all year long.

Not only is it the finale, so to speak, it’s got the intense emotions that go along with endings and beginnings. While other signs are assisting you in more practical ways as you travel through your year, pushing you towards different focuses and accomplishments and revelations, Pisces invites you to step back, take a deep, grounding breath, look at the big picture, and asks, “But how does that make you feel?”

Pisces energy has a habit of seeing beyond the individual, even beyond the community, into the greater grand scheme of the universe, and it is comfortable here. Ask Pisces to make a plan and they’ll flounder like a fish out of water, but invite them to wax poetic about the greater vision, and they might very well blow your mind. Save those detail-oriented tasks for Aries energy next month, and instead, allow your vision and creativity to flourish and grow.

Pisces is a mutable water sign, which means it’s comfortable with flexibility and transition, especially when we’re talking emotions, intuition, creativity, and healing. This season lends you a bit of fluid movement, encouraging you to lean into your emotions and really feel them, instead of just experiencing them. There’s an air of variability right now, so if you’re feeling like you need a change, now is the time.

Getting Personal

If you really want to lean into the energy of Pisces and all it can bring to your life, the best way to do this is to see where Pisces is in your natal chart.

A natal chart, also called a birth chart, is a diagram of all the planets and zodiac signs at the exact moment of your birth. It doesn’t just tell you your “Big Three” (your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs); maybe you’ve heard of someone having “Mars in Aries” or “Capricorn in the 4th House” – those are things your natal chart will tell you, too.

Basically, each natal chart has 12 houses, which are like themes or areas of concern in your life. These are things like Communication (your 3rd House), Partnerships (your 7th House), Self Expression (your 5th House) and Career (your 10th House). The houses are rules by different zodiac signs, based on where they are in the sky at your moment of birth, and planets will fall into the different signs within the houses as well. It’s a system that’s detailed and complicated, but if you want to dive deeper during Pisces season, there are apps that can help you figure it all out.

My two favorite apps for reading my natal chart are Sanctuary and TimePassages. Both break down your chart in easy to understand ways, and can even give you daily horoscopes and interpretations based on your specific chart and signs. You can also use websites like alabe.com or astro.com to pull your natal chart.

For our purposes right now, we really just want to see if and where Pisces shows up in your chart, because that can give you clues as to what Pisces might be illuminating for you to focus on this month.

For example, let’s look at my chart. My Sun sign is Pisces, so I feel a strong affinity to this energy. But Pisces is also in charge of my 5th house of self expression, creativity, and ideals – and both Venus (which rules values) and Jupiter (Pisces’ ruling planet, in charge of expansion) are hanging out in my 5th house. At a glance, this can tell me that Pisces season is a powerful time for me to have big dreams! I likely feel a push towards new projects at this time, I’m leaning into my creativity and individuality, and if I want to make the most of this season, my energy would be best spent on projects and ideas that feed my soul and push me towards greater things.

(And yes, that means some really awesome projects are in the works as I write this!)

Reading your natal chart can be intense if you’ve never done it before, and it would require a whole blog series on its own. If you want more help understanding your natal chart and how Pisces season might affect you, let’s book a Study Session to break it down.

Making the Most of Pisces Season

If you need a little inspiration this month to really dig deeper into this energy, I’ve got 5 ideas you can use to make your Pisces season shine. Take one tip or take them all – but remember to go with the flow and listen to your intuition along the way.

Pay attention to your dreams.

Pisces rules the dream world. Your dreams may feel more vivid, intense, and meaningful right now. Lean into that! Start a practice of recording your dreams when you wake up so you can try to decode and make sense of them. Lots of people suggest keeping a notebook or a pad of paper next to their bed to write down the details as soon as they wake. I find that I can’t always write as fast as I need to in order to get everything down, so I like to keep my phone nearby and record a voice memo instead. It helps my ADHD brain get everything out in a way that hand writing doesn’t. If you’re artistically inclined, you could even sketch out images from your dreams so you have a visual reminder! Whichever method you choose, keeping a record will help you remember details later on that you can interpret.

Practice divination.

Because of Pisces’ rulership over our intuition, the energy of this season lends itself so well to developing, or digging deeper into, a divination practice. Make a daily habit of pulling a tarot card each morning. Read your tea leaves at night while you wind down. Start building a bone set. Bring your pendulum with you everywhere. Whatever practice you’re drawn to, spend extra time developing those skills this month. And make sure to record your insights! You may be surprised with the level of clarity you receive.

Allow yourself to dream big.

Magick doesn’t always have to be mystical and ethereal. Use this time to create new visions for the year ahead. What do you want to accomplish? What new ideas, habits, or practices do you want to implement into your spirituality or your magick? Don’t start planning, and don’t worry about the details or the logistics yet. Just call in that dreamy Pisces energy and visualize what your life could look like this year and where you could end up. Create the end destination, and then you can focus on the stops along the way next month.

Do some shadow work.

Pisces ends the zodiac year, and it also ends the winter – Pisces season ends around the same time as the Spring Equinox. (This year, spring starts on the LAST day of Pisces before the zodiac year begins anew with Aries!) Before we step into the light of spring and a new year, with all its possibilities and beginnings, we must make room and clear out what’s holding us back. Shadow work can help us identify the parts of ourselves that need a little healing before we move through our spiritual evolution, and winter is a wonderful time because it encourages us to go within and focus on our own darkness coming into the light. Try a little journey work to meet a guide, ancestor, or even your own inner self to heal and release limiting habits and beliefs.

Practice magickal self care.

It’s been a long astrological year. Pisces season is the perfect time to slow down and take a breather before the high, creative energy of Spring kicks in. Take this time to experience your magick in a calming, regenerative way – do magickal acts just for you, to rejuvenate your soul, and not for any other end result. In fact, even just regular mundane acts of self care are extra beneficial at this time, both for your mental health and your spiritual advancement. I’ve got a whole post on magickal self care here if you need some extra inspiration!

Ultimately, the energy of Pisces season is inviting you to focus on your own needs right now. Understanding how this season affects you can go a long way in instituting activities and practices that feed your soul, which is exactly what Pisces wants from us.

“Listen to your intuition,” it says, “follow your heart, and be at peace.”

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