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Tips For Improving Your Moon Water Game

Witchcraft and the moon are inextricably linked. Whether it’s meeting by secret under the moonlight or drawing down the power of the moon, witches have been associated with the moon for centuries, and for good reason. There are so many spells and rituals that require moonlight, a certain phase of the moon, or the powers of plants, animals, and deities of the moon to empower us – but perhaps none are more popular and widely known than moon water.

Moon water is essentially water that has been exposed to the light and energy of the Moon. Witches believe that this process imbues the water with the Moon’s essence, making it a potent ingredient in spells and rituals or as a substitution when the powers of a certain moon phase or sign are required.

The uses of moon water span different traditions, from spiritual and energetic practices to medicinal and cosmetic applications. Common suggestions for moon water uses include drinking and bathing, watering your plants, using it as a cleansing tool, drinking as an offering, or even setting it on the altar as the physical representation of Water. Essentially, you can use moon water in place of most other waters or liquids in rituals to enhance the energy required.

The creation of water is incredibly simple, but still shadowed with controversy. Some people believe the water must be purified, but others swear by tap water. Some insist that your water must never have sunlight touch it, but others claim sunlight won’t negate the moon’s effects (especially because moonlight is simply sunlight reflected off the moon). Some claim you can only use glass or crystal, but others make moon water in whatever container is available.

I think it comes down to accessibility. If a specific rule is going to prevent you from making moon water, then that rule probably isn’t for you. Make the magick and don’t worry about someone telling you that you did it wrong.

My process for making moon water is as simple as I need it to be in the moment. I usually use glass mason jars, but I’ve made moon water with a bottle of Smart Water I picked up from the gas station that day. I don’t panic about my water being out in the sun (see aforementioned definition of moonlight) but I do try to take it off my windowsill when I wake up in the morning.

However, I have developed some tips and tricks over the years to enhance my moon water creation process. Not only has this made the process more fun, it’s made me think about the process in a new light (pun intended) so I get more out of the activity and the resulting water, too.

Tips for improving your moon water

Use all the phases of the moon.

Most people think to make moon water during the Full moon, but don’t be restricted to once a month! The phases of the moon have various associations and energies that we can utilize to enhance the magick in different ways. If you need fresh, new beginning energy, make your moon water under the new moon instead of the full moon. Need help releasing something stuck? Make some waning moon water to get that energy moving. Just don’t forget to label your jars with the moon phase!

Keep track of the current moon astrology.

Not only does the moon phase play a factor in the energy of the water, the zodiac sign can too! Moon water made under a Cancer moon will be more emotional than an Aquarius moon, for example. If you need some help starting a new project, use an Aries moon. Bonus points if you combine the sign and phase to make some extra potent energetic water.

Add botanicals and crystals to the brewing process.

I love to add salts, oils, crystals, and sometimes even herbs to my moon water. Adding natural materials brings a balance to the celestial vibrations to round out the energy of the water, making it more grounded and potent. Choose your additives based on the intention for the water (and maybe even time it to the phase and sign, too) – and make sure to label it accordingly!

Do not drink your moon water if you’ve added anything unsafe for consumption. If you’ve added herbs, make sure to add a preservative (like alcohol) to prevent mold and bacteria from growing if you aren’t going to use it up right away.

Set specific intentions or associations.

You can absolutely just put a jar of water in direct moonlight overnight and call it a day. That water will be blessed and cleansed, ready for all sorts of magick. But even if you don’t want to time your water or add stuff to it, a powerful step to creating moon water for various uses is to set your intention for the water. It can be as simple as whispering your intention into the water as it sits, or writing your intention on a piece of paper and sitting the jar on top. However you do it, keying your moon water to a particular intention or job will make it that much more potent and magical when it comes time to use it.

Ignore all the rules.

Yup. Everything I said in this post is useless if it makes your life harder or doesn’t make sense to you. Making magick is about inviting ease and flow into your life to make it better. If following rules is going to make your magick-making harder – or worse yet, prevent you from making magick at all – then chuck it all out and do what feels right to you. Most of my tips were ones I thought up on my own (despite being varying degrees of popular among witches) because they made sense to me. I do them because it makes the process fun, unique, and powerful. If that doesn’t translate to you, then follow your gut and make your water your way.

Making moon water is a magical technique that connects you to millions of witches, both past and present, and can be a strong ingredient in your spell work. But remember: the most important aspect of creating powerful moon water is your connection to the process. Trust your intuition and adapt these tips to suit your personal beliefs and practices. Allow the magic of the Moon to infuse your water with its celestial energy, and may it bring blessings and positive transformation to your life.

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