4 Reasons You Need Energy Healing to Make Better Magick

Often I talk about “energy work” in relation to witchcraft as the ability to recognize & manipulate energy to fuel your spells and rituals, but in the greater community, energy work is also seen as synonymous with energy “healing”.

These two phrases are related and overlapping, but they’re not the same, and it’s right in the name: energy work is working with energy, and energy healing is healing work done with energy as the medium.

We all know by now (or you should, if you’ve been around me long enough) that energy work is integral to a successful witchcraft practice, but today, I want to cover 4 reasons I believe energy healing is just as essential to the witchcraft or spiritual work you’re doing.

Energy healing connects you to your own inner energy and intuition.

You need energy to cast spells, charge items, call in quarters, summon spirits – basically everything you do within a witchcraft practice is fueled with energy, and often that energy is coming (at least partly) from within yourself. You need to recognize, understand, and be able to draw upon your own energy to practice the craft, and that’s why these skills are the first things I teach to new students.

And those exercises and practices are capable of doing that, but receiving energy healing can also get you in touch with your inner energy reserves, while also helping to heal and align your whole being. Two birds, one stone, really.

Connecting to your inner energy in a healing sort of way gives you a clear idea of what your energy feels like when it’s clear and cleansed. It shows you where it sits in your body; where you feel it most and what it feels like when it’s flowing. You can develop an idea of what your unique energy signature feels like, so when you start receiving outside stimuli, you know right away what’s yours and what’s not.

Energy healing also often has the convenient side effect of unlocking and unblocking your intuition and psychic ability, so that’s cool too.  

Energy healing keeps your energy clear for spellwork and ritual.

I mentioned we need energy to do just about everything within a witchy context; but if your energy is stuck, heavy, stagnant, or otherwise not flowing, it can be hard (or even impossible) to call up the energy you need to cast. 

Healing work removes those blockages so the energy can flow. Usually this results in more balanced emotions and better overall wellness, but if you’re a magickal practitioner using your energy on the regular, this makes it so much easier to call upon that reservoir when you need it.

Plus, it clears your energy of past emotions and impressions so it’s untainted and ready to be put to use. If you have unresolved junk (and who doesn’t), it can leave residual negativity or other unwanted energies, and if you don’t recognize and deal with that stuff, it can end up in your spellwork.

You know the adage “Leave your troubles at the door” when entering a space where you need to be clear and focused? The same goes for your sacred space when casting spells and ritual. You don’t want worries and stress clouding your energy when you need that to fuel a spell; spells can backfire, rituals won’t hit their intended targets, the wrong spirits might be called upon – who knows what else could go wrong. Energy healing helps keep the channels clear for the work and makes it easier for us to leave what is left aside.

Energy healing helps reveal and resolve deep emotional issues, generational trauma, and energetic cords and connections.

Witchcraft is healing work, whether you’re healing yourself or others (or both), but it’s harder to heal when you need healing. This is why therapists have their own therapy appointments, why doctors don’t treat themselves, and why energy healers often get work done from other practitioners even when they could do the work on themselves. 

We can’t heal others without doing the healing work ourselves.

It helps keep the energy clear and unburdened, like we mentioned above, but it can also work to resolve generational trauma (or past life shit, if you believe in that). This can be energetic, it could mean ancestral curses and hexes (yes, they do happen, and it’s often unintentional), and it could also mean breaking bad habits that maybe you picked up from a parent that is hindering your spiritual growth and practice.

Even without getting ancient and ancestral: energy healing can help reveal cords you may have emotionally and energetically connecting you to past situations, experiences, and people. These cords can be wonderful, if the relationship is maintained and the work is done, but if it was a negative experience, those cords are draining. 

If you often feel drained, resistant to change, depressed*, or uninspired, you may have cords attached that aren’t benefiting you and need to be dealt with – and the worst part is, it can be really difficult to identify and deal with them yourself. Seek out an energy worker that you trust to help you cut those cords and retrieve your scattered energy.

(*Obviously, cord cutting isn’t a replacement for therapy. Please seek out appropriate treatment as necessary if you’re feeling depressed, anxious, or suicidal. There’s no shame in getting help.)

Fun fact: energy healing and cord cutting doesn’t have to be done in person! A trained energy healer, like a Reiki Master, can work on you from afar, which is perfect in a post-pandemic world or if you don’t have anyone you know or trust in your area. Learn more about distance Reiki sessions to determine whether it might be right for you.

Energy healing connects you to the universe.

Energy comes from all around us. Reiki, for example, is a form of energy healing that pulls in and utilizes energy from the greater universe to help align your own body. 

The premise is that the same energy that makes up the entire universe – stars, planets, galaxies, everything – also resides within us, and Reiki helps refresh and reconnect us to that energy.

Energy healing can help strengthen your spirituality by strengthening that universal connection. If you have spirits or deities you work with, energy healing can be a profound way to connect with them, either during a session when you’re zen and relaxed, or afterward when your energy is more clear and “high vibe”.

Energy healing is a powerful tool in a witch’s arsenal to keep them grounded, balanced, clear, and connected to the world. It makes you a stronger practitioner by keeping you in tune with the energy you’re using to cast; your spells, rituals, sacred spaces, and magick will all be better for it. 

If you get energy healing already, how have you noticed it affects your magick? If you don’t get regular healing sessions, consider trying it out (you can book a session here if you’re interested) and seeing how you feel afterwards. Then, let us know in the comments!

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