The Spotify Oracle

If you’ve spent any time around my Tiktok account, you know I love divination. Methods of fortune telling and divining the future were one of the first witchy activities to appeal to me, and I’ve been practicing various forms of divination and psychic development for my entire career as a witch.

So it does come as a bit of a shock when people try to guess my favorite method of divination. I wear a runic pendant around my neck daily, so runes must be my favorite, right?


Well, I own a couple dozen tarot and oracle decks, so cartomancy must be my go to.

Not really.

I teach tea leaf reading; it MUST be tasseomancy!

Close, but not quite.

I use the Spotify Oracle to receive messages, specifically from spirits and guides, but also the universe at large.

I guess the closest word for my favorite type of divination would be Shufflemancy (but I hate that so we’re workshopping it) – and here’s how it works:

  • I sit down with a device that plays music – I use Spotify – sometimes this is in my car, sometimes it’s with my phone and earbuds, sometimes it’s on my computer.
  • I quiet my mind and calm my breathing, finding my sacred center and grounding my energy.
  • If I have a question, I’ll ask it out loud (I feel like speaking out loud is important with this method), or if I don’t have a question, I’ll invite my Spiritual Support Group to step forward with whatever they’ve got in the moment.
  • Then, I open up my general Liked list on Spotify (which has over 1,200 songs on it), hit Shuffle, and let the music speak to me.

Often I’ll interpret the first song that pops up and go about my day. Sometimes, if I feel called to, I’ll hit shuffle and then skip a number of times (usually three) and see what song comes up. If I’m doing this in my car, and I know it’s someone like an ancestor speaking through the music, I’ll even have a conversation between songs to try and elaborate on the messages coming through.

I really love this method of divination for a few reasons:

It’s accessible to anyone. Most people have some sort of internet-capable device nowadays, and a basic Spotify account is free. But even if you don’t have access to your own music, you can walk into any store, mall, or restaurant with mindful purpose and wait for the first song that starts while you’re there.

It’s incognito. We know I love me some undercover witchcraft, right? This is a simple way to have conversations with your guides or reach out for a message in a stressful time without being the weirdo who whips out tarot cards at a party. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that; I am often that weirdo!)

It’s customizable. Unlike tarot, which is a specific system, you can swap out songs or create specific playlists for different themes – or really throw caution to the wind and let Spotify Radio recommend songs you’ve never even heard before.

Music has a profound effect on our emotions, and can cement certain experiences within our memory. Don’t restrict yourself to just what the lyrics say; what does the music make you feel?

Don’t use Spotify? This works with any music player or streaming service. You can even adapt it to use video platforms like Youtube or Tiktok, if you wanna get really crazy.

Have you ever used the Spotify Oracle? What are your other favorite unconventional methods of divination? Leave a comment below to discuss – or better yet, jump into our fabulous magickal Discord server to talk with other witches and magick makers!

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