Reaping the Harvest: Full Moon in Aries – October 2017

Astro Chart for the moment of the full moon over Boston MA

The Harvest Moon is high spirited, high energy, and emotional. It imbues a certain independence in those it affects, which manifests as a desire to do all the things and take charge. Now is the time to call upon the moon for warrior strength and wise guidance pushing forward.

Spontaneity and an emotional impatience may make thoughtful decisions more difficult, but you can use the energy to jumpstart existing ideas and plans rather than dive headfirst into new ones that haven’t been thought out. Think of what you planted way back at the beginning of the harvest – what needs more tending? What is ready to be sown? Give thanks for what you’ve done, to make room for what you’ve yet to do.

Whatever you do, make sure it brings you self-worth and joy.

In terms of energetic independence – make sure you’re thinking critically about all things, but especially choices and paths that may have been shadowed or hidden before. Shed light on situations before you choose to follow blindly. Don’t believe everything you hear, and don’t allow the shadows cast by the moon to cloud your feelings, your intuition, or your beliefs. Keep your mind balanced in these trying times.

The upcoming new moon in Libra is heavy on feelings, emotions, relationships, and paths, so make sure you’re using this full moon energy to smooth the way now. Communicate clearly but firmly, and keep compassion in your heart and words.

How are you using the full Aries moon to bring your goals to fruition? Join the discussion in 

2 thoughts on “Reaping the Harvest: Full Moon in Aries – October 2017

  1. This is PERFECT advice! I am putting the finishing touches on a first draft of a book I’ve been dreaming and writing on and off for years. Literally today, after this break, I am going to type “The end (or the beginning).” It’s emotional. It’s about a journey toward True, divine nature and stardust. It’s shadow and light, past & present. And the moon has me floating off the ground somewhere in the cosmos. ❤


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