Illuminating the Shadow: New Moon in Libra – October 2017

Astro Chart for the new moon over Boston MA

Moon in Libra is all about relationships. Examine how the relationships in our lives create our reality and influence who we are and where we’re going.

Moon is “peregrine” which means in exile – we can feel like we’re wandering, have no home or solid base. Root work is important now, and so is ancestor work (especially being so close to Samhain). The moon represents illuminated shadow, with the new moon still hiding many things. Examine your fears and insecurities, and put them into perspective based on where you’ve come from. How can your history inform your darkness, and how can you move forward as the moon grows?

Jupiter and Mercury are conjunct the moon, while Uranus is opposite it, which can lead to high emotions and mood swings but great empathy. Emotions are unstable, so beware of jumping to conclusions, diving before you think, and make sure you listen and understand the situation before reacting. More root work here can help you stay grounded while you work with your shadow. Don’t. Overreact. Jupiter and Mercury urge critical thinking, and it can lead to an intense period of study and new understanding. Jupiter is in Scorpio during this new moon, which can help us create the best versions of ourselves, as long as we are careful.

Use the power of this new moon to create a new path going forward, based on a greater understanding of your past, your power, and your desires. Mold your ideal life and watch it grow through the moon cycle and into the new year.

What are you growing through this new moon phase?

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