A Soliloquy

Last weekend, I spent my time up in the woods of New Hampshire at an herbal retreat for women. I went with my herbalist hat on, but over the course of the weekend, that hat was replaced with my SpiritualGoddessWitch hat, because this conference was so much more than herbs. It was life.

I learned many things last weekend – the different types of Lavender, how to introduce healing herbal actions to fire cupping, and that knowing a student’s natal chart can help me better teach them. But the thing that really stuck – the lesson I was there to learn – was balance. Acceptance. Compassion is my power, and that doesn’t mean that anger has no place, but that it takes balance in all things to move the world. And this world, this beautiful earth, is our legacy – and we need to honor, protect, and love it.

Now, these were lessons I already knew, of course – but there’s something about being away from civilization, surrounded by sisters, learning about soul passions, that really brings out the deep lessons. And all the drumming and singing and dancing didn’t hurt either.

I met so many wonderful women, and learned so many things – but mostly about myself, and my embrace of the divine feminine (in that I talk a good game, but how am I living it?). I gained so much clarity on my path, and when I returned to my life, its like the clouds parted, and the sun was illuminating the road ahead of me in a way it never had before.

I trusted the Universe, and gave myself over to Spirit, and it did not disappoint.

But now, I have a call for you to stand up with me. What lessons are you resisting from Spirit? In what way are you holding back your trust? What is asking you to jump with intention, and why aren’t you listening?

I want your stories. Tell me what scares you, tell me how you overcame it (or how you plan to). Are you stuck? Let your community help. Do you have wisdom? We ask you to share.

We are all connected, we are all one, and we all have a piece of the puzzle. Let’s build this sucker.

God is not out there
God is not withOUT
God As Creator is withIN
Do not look to the Heavens to find the Creator
We all come from the EARTH
God(dess) As Creator is below our feet

Of dirt we’re made – (and to dirt we will return)
We all come from the Goddess – (and to her we shall return)
Ashes to ashes –

We are all one.


(c) Angela DiMare-Messier, 2017, as channeled from the divine
“Of dirt we’re made and to dirt we will return” credit to The Decemberists
“We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return” and “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust” credit traditional song/verse


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