Kitchen Witchery: Popcorn Manifestation

Kitchen magick is all about simple spellcasting. It’s the art of using the things around to you improve your life, your hearth, & yourself. Kitchen witches take soup and make a healing potion; they bake cookies infused with happiness; they weave a spell of protection with every swept floor. You’re making magick out of the things you do around your home anyway. Think of Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter – the quintessential homemaker, ruler of her domain, whose wooden spoon is just as important as your athame or wand.

One of the simplest kitchen witch spells I use is popcorn manifestation. It’s easy, inexpensive, quick – and delicious! The basis behind the spell is to use the popping corn as a physical, visceral representation of transformation for your spell. It’s important to cook the popping kernels yourself on the stove, rather than in the microwave or one of those JiffyPop pans. You need to have your hands in the process directly, and to see the corn popping! Watching the pot slowly fill up with popcorn is key.

First, we need to know how to make popcorn. The stovetop method is something I’ve been doing with my mom since I was a little girl. Its really simple – use a large pot and cover the bottom with oil (my favorite to use is coconut; I always get a nice even pop without burnt pieces and it doesn’t make the popcorn greasy or heavy!), heat for just a couple minutes, and then add enough corn kernels to make a single layer covering the bottom. Put a lid on the pot and wait until you hear the first pops! You’ll want to shake the pot every now and then to redistribute the corn and oil and to avoid popped pieces burning. Just like with the microwave kind, once you hear the pops slow to a stop, turn the heat off, wait a moment or two, and then remove the lid. Pour into a bowl and add your favorite toppings. Done! And it takes no more time – and barely more effort – than using microwave popcorn bags.

Once you’ve got that skill mastered, you can add in the magick!

Go about your spellcasting business with creating sacred space, calling in quarters, whatever you do when making magick. Once that’s complete, sit with the corn kernels and meditate on your intention. The great thing about this spellwork is it applies to practically anything – the act of making popcorn is transformative, so anytime you’re looking to change or grow something, you can apply it to this spell. I usually like to simmer down my intention into a single positive affirmation, and I say that over the kernels like a prayer.

Visualization is important too, which is why the method of popcorn popping is so vital. With each kernel expanding and popping, you’re watching your intention transform before your eyes. Repeat your affirmation with each pop. Close your eyes and see your intention grow as you fill your pop with popcorn.

Once the popcorn is done, place a few pieces on your altar, in your garden, or wherever you leave offerings. This ensures you’re sending the proper thanks to the universe. Gratitude is extremely important in magick.

I like this method of manifestation work for a few reasons. Its simple and reminds me of my childhood, which naturally helps to call my ancestors in to my work. Its visceral – I love watching each kernel pop and listening to the sounds. Its inconspicuous, so if you have a house full of non-believers, you can still practice magick without them questioning your weird tools, overabundance of candles, and awkward chanting. It also incorporates all four natural elements! Heat to pop the corn is fire – oil is a liquid and stands for my water – the corn is of the earth – and the whole process creates steam which dissipates into the air.

My favorite part, by far, is eating the popcorn, and not just because its one of my favorite treats. Eating food after raising energy is a key element of grounding, but by eating the main ingredient of the spell, you’re remaining bonded to the magick. It’s a deeper level of personalization. Because of this, the popcorn spell works even better when its matters of self you’re looking to transform!

If you try this spell, let me know how it goes for you. How do you tweak it to make it your own? Was the outcome desirable? Did you burn all the popcorn?! Come tell us all about it.

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