Manifesting Magick

I believe that to make magick happen in your life, you need to show the universe that you’re serious.

When I’m working on manifesting, I clear out and declutter – this makes energetic space (and often physical space too) for the things I’m trying to manifest. And sometimes, the Universe sees I’m serious and gives me a sign that I’m on the right path.

This necklace was given to my dad by my mom when they were young and in love. They bought it on the boardwalk on the beach. Mind you, this was YEARS before I was Pagan and interested in germanic runes.

A few years ago, I was at my mom’s and found the pendant in one of her jewelry boxes. My parents were divorced when I was a teenager, and when I expressed interest in the pendant, she gave it to me. I’ve really cherished it for a few reasons – mainly its from when my parents were happy (although I definitely supported their decision to split), and it reminds me that magick has been in my life forever, just waiting for me to find it.

A few months ago, I was at a cosplay event and removed the necklace, putting it in my bag. That night, I got home, brought the bag downstairs to launder the clothes, but couldn’t find the necklace! It wasn’t in the bag, it wasn’t in the car, it wasn’t at the event place. I was devastated, but I figured the universe was telling me I didn’t need it anymore.

Fast forward to today. In an effort to get my life, my emotional well-being, my business, and my home back on track, I started sorting through my DISASTER of a bedroom. (Literally uncluttering to make energetic space and an easy flow for chi!) And as I picked up a shirt, what did I see on the floor, waiting for me?

The necklace.

To wrap up this LONG story – it was only I decided to stop waiting for life to happen and kicked my butt into gear, making a metaphorical offering to the universe that I’m serious, that I was given a sign. There’s no way this necklace could have made its way upstairs and UNDER clothes that haven’t moved in MONTHS. But that’s where I found it, because I was making the effort.

What are you decluttering (physical, mental, emotional, magickal, etc) to help the energy flow?

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  1. This is right on! Have you read Florence Scovel Schinn? Amazing woman, and she was writing about the Law of Attraction back in 1940.

    Anyway, in her book The Game Of Life And How To Play It, she says that a critical step in manifesting/creating is demonstrating faith and belief. So, if you’re wanting to attract a kitchen full of good food, clean out the fridge to make space for the delicious goods you’re dreaming of having. Whatever it is that you want, take action right now to prepare for it.

    Again and again, I see this to be true. This prep work activates belief, and gets us to explore the reality and feelings and possibilities of receiving our desires. It’s a powerful step. So, get your clean on! 😉

    • I’ve never heard of her, but I’ll have to look into it. This theory is the basis for most of my magickal work! Thanks for the referral!

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