Summer Solstice 2017

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The Summer Solstice is a day of light, the longest day of the year, when we have the most sunlight. We are saturated with solar, masculine energy. We are growing, feeding, swelling, warming. It is a day to celebrate!

But at the bookends of the day – at dawn and dusk – we have opportunity to work with the in between, to see our shadow selves and do some deep work. Light creates shadow, and so we cannot fully celebrate the light without acknowledging the darkness. The harvest is coming, when we will need to reap what we’ve sown. The darkness is coming, when we’ll need to go within to find our strength. Now is the time to identify our shadow aspects and remember that they are a part of us, that they too give us strength, but that we shouldn’t let them take over completely. The equinox is coming. Its all about balance.

Tensions have been running high lately. We’re feeling emboldened by the sun but vulnerable as it exposes our darker selves. This can leave us feeling out of control, and the god of war does NOT like being out of control. With Mars in Cancer, we run the risk of becoming a bit too aggressive in our pursuit of protecting home, family, and tribe – its important to remember that everyone has feelings, everyone has hopes, and most people are hiding behind their crab shell – their public face. Think twice about the words you use. Are you truly standing up for what’s right, or are you using righteous anger to wound someone intentionally?

Cancer is the sign of the home, of our roots, of protection and safety. The Summer Solstice is a day to remember all of that. Its soon time to bunker down and strengthen our fortifications for the winter. I know its beautiful and sunny and warm, but we can’t forget that winter is coming; winter is always coming. Now is a good time to begin early preparations for the harvest. Plan out what goods you’ll need to preserve for the year ahead. Prep for drying, pickling, and canning. Pull up the spells and manifestation projects you’ve been working on, check progress, and plan for their next steps. If your climate is there, start airing out fall clothing, look into getting tools cleaned up and snow blowers tuned. Its never too early to start planning for the future.

Don’t forget your family this day, either. That can be blood relatives, tribe, coven, friends, or whoever else you consider family. Have a cookout. Go on trips. Plan a vacation. Cast protection work on people and locations that you love. Bolster and protect your home.

Cancer is considered the sign of the Great Mother, and with the themes of protection, safety, and fighting, now is a perfect time to do some work to protect OUR Great Mother – Gaia, Mother Earth, our planet. Send healing energy, tend to your nature places, donate to or volunteer with an environmental charity, or just be passionate and vocal about local environmental concerns.

You can also work with the mothering energy – the great divine. The solstice is a great time of divine balance – Summer Solstice is all about the God, but the celestial energies of Cancer are all about the Goddess. Find balance. Honor your patrons. Renew your devotion to the energies. Support the divine feminine in the people around you.

Bottom line – get outdoors. Spend time with your family, with the earth, with yourself and the feminine AND masculine, the light AND the dark, within you. And don’t forget to celebrate, because in the heart of summer, we have the most energy to be thankful.

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