Raising Witches

A few hours ago, I was trying to get my little witchlet to take a nap, so we were snuggling on the couch under the open windows. I thought I smelled the first hints of rain in an otherwise blue sky – but I could see the haze on the horizon. I could see the underside of the leaves in the wind. “A storm is coming,” I thought.

Fast forward to half an hour ago. We were outside speaking encouragement and abundance to the garden (I’ve got about a million cucumber flowers but no fruit yet) and heard the first crack of thunder. She immediately got so excited. “Mama, what’s that?”

“Its thunder, baby. We’re getting a storm.”


“Yeah. Thor is bringing us rain to water the garden.”

We see a flash of lightning and hear more thunder. She jumps and runs to me, so I sit on the porch stairs and pull her onto my lap. “Too loud, Mama. Mimi scared.”

“We don’t need to be scared, baby. Thunder isn’t anything to be frightened of, it can’t hurt us. (Althought lightning can, if we aren’t careful.) You know how much you like fireworks? This is like nature giving us it’s very own fireworks show.”

“Oooh…” And then she proceeds to run around the yard, yelling to the sky “Storm is coming!” and “Bring it on, Thor!” (I may have prompted that one, lol) and demanding all the birds, bugs, and our cat get inside to be safe.

Now we’re sitting on the couch in a dark living room, watching the wind pick up, listening to the thunder, and smelling the gathering rain.

It’s moments like these that I love raising her to respect and appreciate nature. Skills I had to learn will be second nature to her. She’ll learn the difference between storm haze and air pollution; to use the upturned leaves to predict rain; to tell how far away the storm is by counting the space between lightning and thunder. She’ll know we can usher in the storm by drumming, and help protect our home from damage this way too. But she’ll ALSO learn WHY the leaves flip in the wind, why counting helps us guess distance – and that’s the magick of science, or the science of magick. 

THIS is modern day magick. Using tricks of old in a new way; using science to explain why those tricks work. Seamlessly merging the mystical experience into the everyday life. 💜⭐

(And isn’t she super adorable with the drum?!)

How do you incorporate traditional belief into a modern practice? What does your modern day magick look like?

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