Moon Oracle – 06/07/18

Moon Stats: Last Quarter in Pisces – 19th Mansion “Two Roads”

As the moon grows dark in the sky, so do the situations around us. Everything is fluid, changing, and confusing. When we fall in the sea, submerged in dark murky waters, it can be easy to get lost. Disoriented. Cold. But now is when we need to call upon our lunar power to guide us back to the surface.

Today’s Moon Phase, combined with the Mansion the moon is in, indicate that it’s a time when it’s easy to feel deceived about which path to take, and its even easier to get worked up about it. If you’re having a hard time balancing or managing news, choices, or other peoples’ emotions today, don’t fear – like the moon, this too shall pass.

Below are three Goddess cards that can help you navigate these dark, unsteady waters. Choose the card from the image above which resonates with you for this situation. Read below for the messages from these Goddesses.


Card Reveals


#1 – Kali

Do not roll over and allow this situation to best you. Kali is strength, the warrior, taking what is hers and taking no prisoners along the way. She is fierce determination, she is not shying away, not shrinking back, standing full and proud and present in her power. Hold Kali’s power in your heart, be strong and fair but unapologetic for making the hard choices you need to make. Empowered decisions are the best ones – but be aware that Kali doesn’t bring with her perfect little packaged solutions. Though her passion is what you need to light your way right now, it might get a little messy. Her strength will get you through.




#2 – Isis

While Kali advocates for a loud, forceful, theatrical presence, Isis acts as her mirror, suggesting soft, calm, reserved approaches to the situation. Some people need the fire and brimstone to get shit done, but not you. Take a step back, take a breath, and let your intuition guide you to what you feel is right. The waning moon tells us to go inward to find our truth, and Isis says that this is the path. Balance in all things will be your strength here. Make sure you listen to all that is happening and trust your gut, your own personal magick. Isis is a leader for a reason; she is fair and nuanced, strong yet unwavering. Finding your inner calm will make things clearer.




#3 – Ishtar

If Isis were the thoughtful, reserved eldest daughter, and Kali were the youngest, loud, boisterous one, Ishtar would fall in the middle, quietly taking cues from both sisters while she came up with a more creative solution. Ishtar says your path out of this lunar darkness relies on your ability to be creative and flexible. You need to go with the flow and think outside the box. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and look at your problem from a new angle; even reach out to a trusted friend and get their perspective. Often we are looking so closely at a thing that we can’t step away to see the bigger picture. Ishtar tells you the key to moving forward is in those outer edge details we don’t see unless we take it all in.

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