New Moon In Gemini: Out with the old, in with the new!

New Moon In Gemini

The new moon tonight is all about clearing space and releasing old ties, the last stubborn vestiges of the past 6 months, to make room (physically, emotionally, energetically) for all the amazing, wonderful opportunities that are coming our way.

The Gemini energy of tonight is here to bring us into a new stage, a new cycle, but we can’t move forward while energies of the past are still clinging to our souls. If you’ve found yourself moving forward lately, getting a bit of momentum, but then stalling out within the past week, it could be because you have a little bit of clearing left to do before you can take advantage of the new start.

In healing, both physical and energetic, the surface trauma is what goes first. Its new, its fresh, its not as deeply embedded. The more healing work we do, the deeper we go, and the harder it is to release. Before a great cleanse, the oldest wounds, the deepest traumas, can resurface as their way of clinging on. If you’ve experienced betrayal in the past but thought you were over it, you may be feeling insecure and uncertain again. If you’ve been sick but on the mend, the cough and phlegm may come back for a few days before you’re fully well. This is normal! It means you’re almost there.

(Some tips for making the most of the Gemini New Moon in your mundane life:

The same goes for our spiritual path, our energetic life. The next 6 months will be a time of change, of opportunity, of growth and success – but we can’t bring in new things if we don’t make room for them. That’s why tonight’s new moon, normally a time for cleansing and banishing, is the perfect opportunity to show the universe you’re serious about moving forward.

“What we have here then is a seed idea – something untouched, untainted and yet somehow it scares us silly. The New Moon is exactly conjunct asteroid Medusa, known for having such a terrifying demeanour that she turned onlookers to stone. The Moon is also sesquiquadrate Pluto which could send us on obsessive tangents, as well as trigger overly fearful reactions.

This Moon feels like one of those moments when you have an idea that feels so big you just wanted to force it back down into your unconscious again. What was unconscious and unspoken now has a name and potential and we can’t shove it back where it come from. Medusa was destroyed from looking at her own reflection. We too must be brave enough to gaze upon our fears…and then open a dialogue with them.” –

New moons are times to work on shadow and dark selves as well, so cleansing and healing may get a little deep tonight. That’s okay. Just breathe, love, trust, and believe in your own power to create your life. If you’re doing the work, you’re halfway there. Just make sure to stay safe – create sacred space, ground yourself, keep something filled with love and light and energy nearby, and remember that you are ALWAYS in control.

The Gemini new moon tonight is a Super Moon, all about possibility, and the new moon is the start of the manifesting cycle. To cap it off, next month’s new moon is ALSO a Super Moon, so the lunar cycle in between will be extra-charged and powerful. It’s the perfect chance, so let’s manifest your new opportunities!

“New moons are known as initiation points—days for planting seeds that we’ll harvest six months later at the corresponding full moon. The Gemini new moon helps us turn a fresh page and spark productive dialogue. Get motivated, and reap the rewards at the corresponding Gemini full moon six months from now.” –

If you find yourself in the southern New Hampshire area tonight, Modern Day Magick & Simply Sacred Apothecary & Wellness are hosting a new moon sisterhood circle, where we’ll be utilizing the energies to release and welcome. We’d love for you to join us! Request an invite to the private group here and learn more about the event.

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