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Tea Leaf Reading

Also known as Tasseomancy, tea leaf reading is the art of finding messages in the shapes and patterns of the leaves left over in the bottom of your tea cup.

It’s as simple as seeing shapes in the clouds; a tea leaf reader relies on their gut intuition (which everyone has) and their imagination to see shapes, patterns, images, and symbols in the plant matter of the cup, and then ties them together into a message for the recipient.

Though tea drinking, and leaf reading, have been around for many centuries, modern tea leaf reading was said to gain popularity in the 17th century when tea was first introduced to Europe from China – and the rest is history!

The way it works:

Your reader pours your cup of tea, and you are invited to mull over your question or situation while you sip. Sometimes an oracle card is pulled at this time to set the tone for the reading. Once the tea has been drunk, the reader drains the rest of the cup and gazes into it, talking about any symbols they see or intuitive messages they receive.

If you are not present for your reading, the reader sits with your intention in mind as they drink as your proxy. Once the cup is drained, your reader will take photos and write up what they see, and everything will be sent to you by email.

Readings are delivered within 24 hours of purchase.

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