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Tarot Reading

Also known as Cartomancy, reading Tarot cards is a popular method of divining the future and searching for guidance and clarity through all of life’s difficult situations.

Tarot cards date back to the 1400s in Italy, originally as a game, before they began to develop esoteric and spiritual meanings in the late 18th century. Nowadays, there are as many decks as there are tarot readers, and the style and diversity of the cards have made it a popular collector’s item in addition to divinatory tool.

There are many ways to interpret the tarot cards and many types of spreads. A person’s intuition is relied upon heavily during a reading to make sense of the various layouts and interpretations, leading to many people believing that it’s more difficult to read one’s own cards, instead seeking out other readers to read for them.

The way it works:

Your reader will sit with your query or situation before pulling one, three, or a number of cards. Interpretations of the cards are based on layout, position, and the reader’s intuition. Occasionally, an oracle card or some runes or crystals might also be pulled to help elaborate upon the messages received.

Once the reading is complete, your reader will take pictures and write up your reading, and then email everything to you.

Readings are delivered within 24 hours of purchase.

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