Purpurite (specimen)


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A stone of insight and truth, Purpurite calms the emotions and heightens clarity to see the reality of a situation or emotion, especially when self-directed. Use this stone to improve your divinatory practices, to instill self-confidence, and to encourage growth and connection to your true self.

Metaphysical Uses:

  • Helps break through self-imposed limitations and negativity
  • Relieves stress and calms nerves & anxiety
  • Encourages freedom & clarity
  • Adapts to change
  • Activates the third eye and crown chakras
  • Provides psychic protection
  • Helps align the spirit with purpose
  • Connects you to the spiritual realms and your guides

Geological Properties
Classification: manganese iron phosphate
Mohs Hardness: 4-5
Composition: MnPO4, with varying amounts of iron depending upon its source


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