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Magick potions are powerful objects. They can help you make the best magick to make your life better!

These potion bottles are designed with your magickal child in mind. Each potion is a little bit different, just like kids. Choose a specific intention or let us surprise you!

Bottles are glass with secured cork stoppers, filled with water, glitter, colorants, and other substances easily found around the home. They are not safe for internal use. Do not ingest. Do not open. If your potion cracks or leaks, please dispose of properly.

Each potion jar comes with a tag with the name of the potion, and a booklet explaining the use of the jar for kids and the psychology behind the jar for the parents.

Hey Parents!

Our magick potion bottles go by another name – “calm down jars”.

Calm down jars help your kid regulate their emotions and bring their body back into a safe space by giving their nervous system a single, outside stimulus to focus on when they’re otherwise upset, agitated, panicked, or otherwise emotional. Psychologists consistently recommend them.

Calm down jars can also be a helpful tool when introducing concepts of mindfulness and meditation to children. Kids often need a focal point to meditate, and a calm down jar gives them something soothing to look at while they shift their mental state and relax their body.

We recommend doing more research on these topics to better utilize your “magick potion” – but they can be a tool just for fun, too, if that’s what you and your child want!

Learn more about calm down jars here:

Mimi’s Coven is a line of magickal tools and kits made specifically with kids in mind. Born from the desire of our own little witchlet wanting to participate and developed to help kids dip their toes into magick and spirituality. Portions of sales go to support children’s charities.

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Courage, Self Love, Mindfulness, Good Luck, Focus, Peace, Custom for your Child


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