Lunar Lore: Making Magick with the Moon


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“People have lived their lives by the moon for thousands of years, from planting and hunting to menstruating calendars to more mystical ritual and spellwork. Watching the moon, paying attention to the cycles, and working with the energy is a planetary ancestral right. It’s in our blood. The moon affects the tides, it affects animals’ activities and migrations, it affects plants and the harvest – and it affects us.”

Journey through the night sky with this detailed pamphlet that breaks down moon magick and lunar cycle manifestation in an easy to apply way. Learn about the astronomical phases of the moon and how they apply to intention work and spellcasting, discover activities you can do all throughout the moon cycle, enjoy a new spread for tarot or your favorite divination method, create rituals for the new and full moons to deepen your connection to the lunar energy and your own practice, and learn all about how the moon’s wisdom and energy can change your life.

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