Herbal Incense


Loose incense blends made from organic botanicals, essential oils, and resins, mindfully chosen to affect the energy of you and your chosen space.

Crafted in ritual and sacred space, blessed and charged for highest vibration and impact.

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Incense is a staple in most ritual spaces, but is helpful when setting any kind of scene: meditation, divination, cleansing, or even to uplift before a party or focus when trying to work. Since the olfactory nerve is the shortest sensory nerve, scent can have a much more instant and powerful effect on emotion and memory than other types of sensory stimulation. That means if you need to shift your frame of mind, emotional state, or the energy of a situation, incense can be a powerful tool!

Our loose incense blends are made from organic botanicals, essential oils, and resins, mindfully chosen to affect the energy of you and your chosen space. We rely on both intuition and herbal knowledge to choose herbs initially, and blend and bless them in calm, sacred ritual space to ensure the highest vibration and impact for your work.

Using Your Incense

Loose incense requires charcoal brick (sold separately here) or open outdoor fire to burn. Do not use on candle flame.

Light your charcoal and place in a heat-and-fire-safe container with a sprinkle of sand or ash at the bottom. Once your whole charcoal brick is glowing gently, sprinkle a pinch of incense at a time on the center of the brick. Incense will give off a lot of smoke, so apply only as needed in small amounts.

Use in a well ventilated area. Do not burn unattended. Charcoal bricks are single use; do not try to extinguish and relight. Never extinguish charcoal bricks with water. Smother and let sit, supervised, in a safe area to extinguish. Please follow all common sense safety guidelines when using loose incense.

Not for internal use. Keep away from children and pets. Modern Day Magick is not responsible for any damage done by inappropriate use of incense.

Scent Options

Awakening: for growth, beginnings, and openings

Cleansing: for clearing, purification, and cleansing people, places, or things

Divination: for opening your mind, your eye, and your intuition

Samhain: for celebrating Samhain, your ancestors, and the thinning of the veil

Yule: for celebrating Yule, the light, and finding joy in the dark

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Awakening, Cleansing, Divination, Samhain, Yule


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