“Grow A Wish” Spell Kit


Manifestation kit for minis! Learn all about the kit, and the flower included, below. (Flower included is notoriously easy to grow, even for parents with black thumbs)

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Did you know you can grow a wish the same way you grow a flower?

If you cast a spell to make a wish come true, and then take care of your wish, do the work to make it happen, and hold it in your heart, it can grow strong and beautiful, just like a flower!

This kit comes with everything you need to grow your very own wish: pot, dirt, seeds, and mini guidebook that talks about the very basics of manifesting. It’s designed for kids to cast a spell with tangible benefits, but may require adult guidance and supervision depending on age and level of experience.

Notes On Growing:

Soak the seeds 24 hours in water before planting. Press the Mimosa seeds into the soil but do not cover. Keep the flower seed moist until germination. Covering the pot with clear plastic can help to hold in the moisture, but remove the plastic as soon as there is a sprout.

About The Seeds:

Mimosa pudica is a flowering annual or short-lived perennial plant of the pea/legume family Fabaceae. It needs lots of bright, indirect light and consistently moist, low-nutrient soil. Their ideal temperature is 65-75. They can be planted outside but do best as a houseplant. They grow less attractive with age, but seeds can be harvested from the pods that grow after the blossoms die, so you can continue to grow this plant every year. It is fairly easy to grow and is great for kids because of it’s ease and level of interaction.

More information and care tips can be found on GardenersWorld.com

Mimosa pudica is also called Shameplant, Sensitive Plant, or “Touch Me Not” plant because of its curious behavior:

The leaves fold in on themselves when touched or shaken!

This automatic response is to prevent damage to the delicate plant. This can be a great teaching tool for younger kids about knowing your strength and asking for consent before being touched.

Mimi’s Coven is a line of magickal tools and kits made specifically with kids in mind. Born from the desire of our own little witchlet wanting to participate and developed to help kids dip their toes into magick and spirituality. Portions of sales go to support children’s charities.


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