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Whether you’re seeking a touch of elegance, a dash of magick, or a deeper connection to nature, our Flower Vial Amulet Pendants offer an beautiful way to adorn yourself with the gifts of the earth. Choose the style that resonates with your soul and embrace the harmonious blend of nature and artistry. Elevate your jewelry collection with these exquisite pieces or share the enchantment with your favorite herbalist, witch, or garden enthusiast as a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

Each delicate 1.5″ glass vial is sealed with a rustic cork and comes elegantly suspended on an adjustable chain or cord, allowing you to customize the length to suit your style and preference, ranging from 16″ to 20″. Crafted with attention to detail, these necklaces are the perfect embodiment of nature’s beauty, captured in a timeless and wearable form.

After construction, each necklace is blessed and charmed with it’s specific intentions, creating a wearable spell to help you evoke the energies of the plants wherever you go. The accompanying spell card helps you invoke and recharge your amulet whenever you need an extra boost.

Styles Available:

Body In Bloom (rose petals): Delicate and romantic Rose petals symbolize love, beauty, and the inherent grace of nature within all of us. Wear this exquisite piece to celebrate your body’s unique journey and ability to bring you joy and satisfaction in all things.

Cross The Veil (mugwort leaves): The ancient and mystical aura of Mugwort leaves invokes a sense of connection with the spiritual world, making this piece a unique talisman for those seeking insight and guidance beyond the ordinary.

Get Grounded (lavender buds): Lavender’s calming properties bring a sense of tranquility and balance to your everyday life, creating a bubble of peace and protection around you, allowing you to navigate challenges with a composed and collected spirit.

Joy In Life (calendula petals): The vibrant and sunny Calendula petals captured within the vial evoke feelings of happiness and positivity, reminding you to embrace every moment with a smile.

Magick Maker (lemongrass leaves): Lemongrass is known as a powerful protector and energy raiser, helping to inspire creativity and transformation within you.

Passion & Purpose (jasmine flowers): The delicate Jasmine blossoms symbolize spirit, growth, and the pursuit of your dreams. Wear this necklace as a constant reminder to follow your heart’s desires and find beauty & fulfillment in every endeavor.

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Joy In Life (calendula), Passion & Purpose (jasmine), Cross The Veil (mugwort), Get Grounded (lavender), Body In Bloom (rose), Magick Maker (lemongrass)


Chain, Cord


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