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Energy sprays are made with small batch flower essences in moon water, hand crafted in the USA with US-based ingredients, blended with essential oils and crystals. Created in ritual sacred space and magickally blessed.

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Aromatherapy sprays can shift the energy of a space even when you can’t have smoke or fire. Need to create sacred space or set the mood but can’t break out a full ritual? These Energy Sprays are like magick circles in a bottle!

Our process is magickal from start to finish: first, we brew up small batch flower essences in moon water, made from locally & ethically wildcrafted flowers. Once infused, we blend with complementary essential oils and charge with Reiki and crystals to create a pure vibration within the bottle. The result is energetic & magickal aromatherapy sprays that are safe for skin or space cleansing.

Using Your Spray

Spray in the air to shift the energy of a space or circle. Mist around yourself or others for a smokeless method of energy cleansing and manipulation. Use when you need a boost during specific activities.

Energy sprays are generally safe for skin and fabrics, but please patch test before general use to avoid allergic reactions or damage to fabrics and furniture.

Use caution around animals and young children. Our sprays are made with 100% pure essential oils, and smaller bodies and organs can often have a harder time processing the volatile oils that are measured for adult bodies. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it can’t harm you.

External use only. Not safe to ingest. Please discontinue use and consult a medical professional if you experience redness, itching, or difficulty breathing immediately after using a spray; this may indicate an allergy to one of the oils used.

Modern Day Magick is not responsible for any harm or damage done by inappropriate use of Energy Sprays.

Scent Options

Cleansingfor a smokeless method of cleansing the energy of a space; may also have antibacterial properties for physical cleansing due to the essential oils and alcohol preservative used in the blend. (Please use reliable methods of cleaning to ensure proper sanitation.) Includes: Frankincense, Cedar, Sage, Sweet Orange with Clear Quartz chips

Groundingwhen you need to release excess energy, shed the emotions collected from other people, and reconnect down into the Earth. Includes: Patchouli, Black Pepper, Pine Needle, with Red Jasper chips

Intuitionuse when performing acts of divination, meditation, or other situations when you need to trust your gut and rely on your intuition. Includes: Lemongrass, Lavender, Rosemary, Cinnamon, with Blue Sapphire chips

Protectionhelps to create a bubble of protection around you as you move throughout your day or even your ritual space. Includes: Bergamot, Black pepper, Sandalwood, Rose, with Black Obsidian chips

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Cleansing, Grounding, Intuition, Protection


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