Energetic Cleansing Kit


This comprehensive kit includes a carefully curated selection of tools and instructions to help you cleanse and revitalize your surroundings, promoting a sense of peace and balance. See below for full kit details.

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Take control of your energy with the Energetic Cleansing Kit – your ultimate companion for purifying people, places, and things, designed to bring harmony and positive energy into your life. This comprehensive kit includes a carefully curated selection of tools and instructions to help you cleanse and revitalize your surroundings, promoting a sense of peace and balance.

Many of the tools included are reusable items, including the bowl and the cauldron. Consumables can be replenished with a Filler Kit or you can purchase the full size versions of those items.


1. Custom Loose Incense Blend with Charcoal Disc and Mini Cast Iron Cauldron: Our specially crafted loose incense blend is a harmonious fusion of fragrant herbs and resins. With the included charcoal disc and mini cast iron cauldron, you can effortlessly release the purifying smoke to cleanse and uplift your space, leaving behind a calming aroma that invites positive energy.

2. Cleansing Spray: Our unique cleansing spray is a blend of flower essences, quartz crystal chips, and essential oils, enriched with a touch of alcohol as a natural preservative. Simply spritz this powerful elixir to dispel negativity and refresh your surroundings with revitalizing energy.

3. Selenite Bowl: This beautiful selenite bowl serves as a sanctuary for your crystals, allowing them to be cleansed and charged with its pure, high-vibrational energy. Place your crystals inside to restore their vitality and enhance their healing properties.

4. Selenite Wand: Use the Selenite wand to help direct energy, to wave through an energy field, or to leave it out in a cleansed space to act as an energetic filter, maintaining the purifying atmosphere for longer.

5. Palo Santo Stick: Harvested sustainably from the heart of the South American rainforest, our ethically sourced Palo Santo stick infuses your space with its uplifting and cleansing aroma. Use it to purify and rejuvenate your environment while promoting a sense of inner peace.

6. Bell: The gentle sound of our bell resonates with positive energy, dispelling negativity and promoting mindfulness. Ring it during your cleansing rituals to awaken the senses and invite tranquility into your space.

7. Candles: Candles help create sacred space and set the mood. They encourage mindfulness and can help set your intention for your cleansing ritual.

8. Instructional Booklet: Our comprehensive instructional booklet is your guide to using these tools effectively and creating your own personalized cleansing and purifying rituals. Discover tips and tricks to harness the full potential of your toolkit and achieve optimal results.

Whether you’re looking to cleanse your home, revitalize your personal energy, or purify your cherished possessions, our Energetic Cleansing Kit is the perfect companion for your journey towards harmony and balance. Elevate your spiritual practice and create a sanctuary of positivity with the power of these carefully selected tools. Embrace the transformation and invite pure, positive energy into your life today!

Ingredients And Allergen Information

Energy Spray: Made from full moon charged flower essence (made from water and alcohol), purified water, and a proprietary blend of Frankincense, Cedarwood, and Sweet Orange essential oils. Clear Quartz crystal chips are added to the bottle and the whole thing is charged with intention and blessed with Reiki energy.

Incense: A blend of Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus), Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), Blessed Thistle (Cnicus benedictus), Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia), and Cedar (Cedrus spp.), mixed with Rosemary, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, and Cedar essential oils

The packaging in this kit is seed paper by Botanical Paperworks, “a special eco paper made from recycled paper waste embedded with seeds”. The paper is biodegradable and safe for gardens, compost, or even just the trash (although we hope you won’t do that). Seeds are for wildflowers including Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly and Snapdragon.

Planting instructions: Plant seed paper under 1/8″ of soil. Water thoroughly. Place in a sunny corner and keep moist during germination. More information can be found on their website.

The rest of the packaging is made from post-consumer recycled paper. (This does not include vinyl product labels.) Product containers are glass and reusable. Please reuse or recycle and help us move towards Green Certification.


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