Cleansing Salt


Available in 1oz or 3oz bag


Give your next cleansing ritual an extra boost with these Cleansing Salts for bath & blessings. Pink Himalayan sea salt is blended with mindfully chosen pure essential oils to create an energetic blend for cleansing, clearing, and purifying your tools, your space, and your self.

Enjoy a ritual bath with these salts before you enter ritual or cast spellwork. If you don’t have a tub, dissolve salts in a bowl of water and rinse your hands to symbolically cleanse your energy. Soak your feet in a tub with some of these salts dissolved to cleanse negativity and break energetic connections.

Use on water-safe altar tools, stones, and other equipment to cleanse after purchase or heavy work; they can also be used to ritually wash floors and walls to cleanse a space – just make sure to clean the space first!


Safe for use on skin. Please patch test before spraying on fabrics and tools. Not for internal use.



  • pink himalayan salt
  • Lavandula augustifolia (Lavender) essential oil
  • Salvia rosmarinus (Rosemary) essential oil
  • Cedrus atlantica (Cedar) essential oil

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