Beeswax Candles


Unbleached beeswax pillar candles, perfect for spells and rituals


Embrace the natural charm and soothing properties of beeswax with these pillar candles!

Handcrafted with care and magick in our workshop, these candles are made from pure, unbleached beeswax, showcasing the beauty of simplicity and sustainability. They’re perfect for your altar as spell candles, offerings, deity dedications, divinatory practices, or simply to provide soft lighting in your space.

Beeswax is eco-friendly because it is a renewable and biodegradable resource, harvested without harming the bee population, making it a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice. Harvesting beeswax ethically is also incredibly beneficial to hives, as it makes space for bees to create new honeycombs.

These beeswax rolls burn for up to an hour, making them perfect for spells and rituals. They are unscented, allowing the natural sweet aroma of honey and beeswax to shine through. They won’t distract from your magickal workings or set off allergies or aromatic sensitivities.

Small: 2″ – burns for 30-35 minutes
Medium: 4″ – burns for 50-60 minutes

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Small 2", Medium 4"


Beeswax, Waxed cotton wick


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