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Arcana is a seasonal zine project covering topics of magick, paganism, science-based practice, intersectionalism, witchcraft in pop culture, and more. Written for newbies and veterans alike, there’s something for everyone inside the pages. Physical copies can be inserted into a book of shadows or journal for safekeeping, and digital PDF copies are available as well.

This is a physical zine mailed to your home; please see other listings for PDF versions.

Issue #1: Lighting The New Year
“Lighting The New Year” is all about how to celebrate the Winter Solstice (or Yule), how to work with the darkness, and how to welcome back the light. Covering the astronomy of what a solstice is, magickal correspondences, and including recipes and spells for Yule (or any period of darkness, really), this zine is jam packed with info for the “first” sabbat on the wheel.

Issue #2: Breathe… And Begin
“Breathe… and Begin” is all about all the ways this time of year (Jan-early March) cleanses and purifies us. Its about beginnings – how to start, what to do, and how to ensure a successful one by creating a solid foundation.

Issue #3: Awakening
“Awakening” is all about rebirth and re-emergence: of the earth, of our tools, and of ourselves. This issue talks about magickal spring activities, answers frequently asked questions from newbies to witchcraft, lists the best crystals for awakening your inner witch, and more.

Issue #4: Call To The Crocus
“Call To The Crocus” celebrates the firm arrival of spring in all it’s glory! We talk cleansing, a bit about Ostara, working with the Fae, and more.

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Issue #1: Lighting The New Year, Issue #2: Breathe… And Begin, Issue #3: Awakening, Issue #4: Call To The Crocus


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