Anointing Oil


Herbal infused, energetically blessed magickal anointing oils for ritual, sacred space, and every day magickal living


Imbued with ancient wisdom and crafted with the finest natural ingredients, these enchanting oils are designed to enhance your spiritual practice, amplify intentions, and invite divine blessings into your life.

Each bottle of Anointing Oil is blended with a harmonious fusion of sacred herbs, crystals, and essential oils to bring you closer to your magickal goals. Every drop is charged with intention and infused with the energy of the elements, allowing you to harness the mystical, natural forces that surround us and inform our magick. We source only high quality essential oils and herbs for blending. All herbs are either organic or wildcrafted by us.

Oils are left to sit and gently infuse under the Sun and the Moon, then further infused with direct heat for a more full extraction. Once finished, each bottle is blessed and charged with Reiki energy to ensure the highest vibrations.

Oils are crafted with the utmost care and imbued with a specific intention to align with your desires and help you to manifest your intentions and call forth the divine energies that support your goals

Anoint candles, talismans, or ritual tools to infuse them with your intention. Apply it to your pulse points during meditation or prayer to deepen your connection with the divine. Add a few drops to your bathwater for a purifying and energizing ritual bath. The possibilities are endless. (always patch test for safety before applying to avoid staining or allergic reactions)

Each bottle of our Magickal Anointing Oil comes with instructions on how to best utilize the oil’s energy in your rituals.

Do not ingest. Use caution around children and animals. When anointing candles, please follow candle safety procedures.

Please note that this kit is intended for spiritual and personal growth purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional advice or intervention. We make no guarantees as to the success of your spells.

Oil Blends

Blessing: use for cleansing, purification, and blessing rituals
use for calling upon & working with the Goddess Hekate
Lucky Bitch: use for good luck, power, energy, strength, and success spells
Money Draw: use for abundance, prosperity, success, and drawing wealth to you



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Blessing, Hekate, Lucky Bitch, Money Draw


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