• Heals body, mind, and spirit
  • Absorbs negative energy
  • Blocks electromagnetic frequencies
  • Instills deep feelings of tranquility
  • Opens spiritual connection
  • Relieves stress
  • Balances emotions

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Metaphysical Properties
Calm and Serenity: Amethyst is your key to inner peace. It soothes the mind and spirit, alleviating stress and anxiety. Feel a sense of tranquility wash over you as you embrace its calming energy.
Enhanced Intuition: Amethyst activates the third eye chakra, heightening your intuition and connecting you to higher realms of consciousness. It’s a beacon of wisdom, guiding you on your spiritual journey.
Emotional Healing: These stones have a profound ability to release negative emotions and promote emotional balance. They empower you to let go of past traumas and welcome emotional healing and growth.
Protection and Purification: Amethyst acts as a protective shield against negative energies, creating a safe and harmonious space. It also purifies your energy field, promoting clarity and positive energy flow.
Creativity and Inspiration: Tap into your creative potential with Amethyst’s inspiring energy. It encourages innovative thinking and artistic expression, making it a favorite among artists and creators.

Geological Properties
Amethyst, with its regal purple hues ranging from delicate lavender to deep violet, is a member of the quartz family. It forms in cavities within volcanic rocks and geodes, showcasing its stunning crystalline structure.
Quartz Silicate
Mohs Hardness: 7
Composition: SiO2


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