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Bone Throwing

Also known as Cleromancy, sortilege, or casting lots, bone throwing is tossing a handful of items and curios and interpreting their fall patterns. Historically, it was very common to use bones, which is where the practice gets its name.

It’s not always bones – you can throw stones, wood chips, seashells, or assorted found items. Casting runes to read also counts as cleromancy. Even tossing dice or dominos for divinatory purpose is a type of casting lots.

Bone sets are unique to the practitioner and are built over a period of time. In fact, sets are considered “living” in that they’re never fully finished. A practitioner may add pieces to their set or retire others many times throughout the life of the set. An intimate connection forms between a set and it’s reader; no two sets are the same, and no practitioner will ever read as well with a set that isn’t theirs.

The way it works:

Your reader lays out a special mat and takes the bag with the bone set in their hands. You are invited to ask a direct question, look for clarification on a topic or theme, or stay open to any messages from the universe. If having your reading done in person, you will speak your intentions aloud; if the reading is virtual or done “off camera” for you, the reader will state your full name and speak your question aloud.

Then, the “bones” are cast down onto the mat, and the reader interprets which pieces fall where, and where they fall in relation to each other. You are welcome to ask clarifying questions; your reader may pull a card or rune or collect the lots to throw again in order to gain clarification.

Readings are delivered within 24 hours of purchase.

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