• Manifesting Magick

    I believe that to make magick happen in your life, you need to show the universe that you’re serious. When I’m working on manifesting, I clear out and declutter – this makes energetic space (and often physical space too) for the things I’m trying to manifest. And sometimes, the Universe sees I’m serious and gives… Read more

  • Summer Solstice 2017

    The Summer Solstice is a day of light, the longest day of the year, when we have the most sunlight. We are saturated with solar, masculine energy. We are growing, feeding, swelling, warming. It is a day to celebrate! But at the bookends of the day – at dawn and dusk – we have opportunity… Read more

  • #TeamBlow


    There’s a big belief that when working magick, candles should never be blown out. Its said that you’re blowing away your magick and luck, that it’s counter-productive to your work, that it’s wasting the energy. Well, I gotta disagree. I blow my candles out, and I think it only adds to the power. It’s an… Read more

  • The Fool’s Journey

    The Fool’s Journey

    I have long felt a call to find a circle, a coven, a community of like-minded witches – those that honor the old ways while utilizing the convenience of the new. I explain my magick by way of science, and that tends to shock some practitioners – but my people were out there, I knew… Read more