• 5 Herbs for the Winter Solstice

    5 Herbs for the Winter Solstice

    The Winter Solstice is a contradictory time of darkness and light, of celebration and shadow work. It’s easy to forget our connection to the earth when we’re so focused on ourselves and our interpersonal connections at this time, but keeping plant spirit in your arsenal of magickal tools can keep you rooted and stable while… Read more

  • Honoring Hekate in November

    Honoring Hekate in November

    Hekate is a goddess who has grown in popularity in recent years. She is Queen of the Witches; goddess of magic, crossroads, the Underworld, and the moon. She was worshiped along with the Greek pantheon of Olympus, but Her origins are older and wider than that. Let’s talk about different days and ways to begin… Read more

  • Dedicating Yourself to the Gods

    Dedicating Yourself to the Gods

    If you’re feeling called to work more closely with a particular deity, I’ve got some tips for you to consider, including a ritual outline at the end that you can adapt for your own dedication ceremony (and my own personal dedication story). Read more

  • 4 Reasons You Need Energy Healing to Make Better Magick

    4 Reasons You Need Energy Healing to Make Better Magick

    We all know by now (or you should, if you’ve been around me long enough) that energy work is integral to a successful witchcraft practice, but today, I want to cover 4 reasons I believe energy healing is just as essential to the witchcraft or spiritual work you’re doing. Read more

  • The Spotify Oracle

    The Spotify Oracle

    If you’ve spent any time around my Tiktok account, you know I love divination. Methods of fortune telling and divining the future were one of the first witchy activities to appeal to me, and I’ve been practicing various forms of divination and psychic development for my entire career as a witch. So it does come… Read more

  • The Magick Of Critical Thinking

    The Magick Of Critical Thinking

    What would you think if I told you that the moon is full at 3:17 on 3/17 this year? Spooky & mystical, right? You might dive into the numerology surrounding the numbers 3, 1, and 7, to see what special significance this particular moon will have. It is pretty cool – and it’s also a… Read more