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  • Tips For Improving Your Moon Water Game

    Tips For Improving Your Moon Water Game

    Witchcraft and the moon are inextricably linked. Whether it’s meeting by secret under the moonlight or drawing down the power of the moon, witches have been associated with the moon for centuries, and for good reason. There are so many spells and rituals that require moonlight, a certain phase of the moon, or the powers… Read more

  • Embrace Abundance & Transformation with Jupiter in Taurus

    Learn how we are called to awaken abundance, ignite growth, and experience a profound shift in our lives as the largest planet in our solar system meets the stable and prosperous sign of Taurus. Read more

  • rev those engines: solar eclipse April 2023

    Our first eclipse of the year – and our first North Node eclipse in about a decade – is tonight/tomorrow morning (depending on where you are), and boy, are we kicking off with a doozy! Read more

  • A Tarot Spread for the Zodiac New Year

    If you like using Tarot to forecast your year ahead, skip using monthly layouts and try this Zodiac-based spread instead! Read more

  • Have the Best Pisces Season With These 5 Tips

    Whether or not you have any direct connection to Pisces, this time of year is powerful. Read to learn how to make the most of seasonal living through the Zodaic. Read more

  • Making Time for your Magick

    Learn tips to make devoting time to your spirituality easier – tips even we’ve been using around the MDM coven space! Read more

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