The Backstory

Welcome to Modern Day Magick, where we blend the spiritual with the scientific, learn to make magick with our inner skeptic, and truly unpack and understand what it means to be a modern day magick maker.

How to Utilize this Website: is a collective of resources for the modern day magick maker. We have opportunities to learn, to shop, and to get support on your path by joining an amazing community of others just like you.

Check out our free content on TikTok, YouTube, and the blog; shop for unique witchy supplies in the Etsy store; support the work on Patreon; get more detailed, individual guidance with mentoring opportunities; jump in on a class or workshop; submit your own work to Arcana, our monthly witchcraft zine; or just come and find sacred space in a crazy, witchy world.

The Mission

There is an abundance of information on witchcraft, spirituality, and occult practice – but not all of it is smart, responsible, or safe. So many people – so many young people! – are finding their way to witchcraft and getting caught up in people providing information that seems flashy and mystical but is lacking depth & truth. It is absolutely possible to live a magickal life, filled with connection and intuition, while also embracing critical thinking skills. Here at Modern Day Magick, we aim to provide information and practical skills that are peer reviewed, experiential, and based in scientific understanding – all without sapping the magick out of life.

The History

Aradia has been studying and practicing witchcraft since 1998. They’ve built a solid and effective practice and have never shied away from using the label of Witch or talking about the spiritual, mystical, and the woo-woo. This led to friends, colleagues, and even strangers reaching out to ask questions and get guidance on their own magickal paths.

In 2016, Aradia created Modern Day Magick in the form of a Facebook community to have a central location for people learning from them to gather, ask questions, and keep in touch. The group has grown from a handful of personal friends to over 400 members from all around the world. It has become a wonderfully close and supportive community of witches, Pagans, spiritualists, and other magick makers from all walks of life.

Despite teaching small workshops at the local metaphysical store, it wasn’t until August of 2020 that Aradia really stepped into the role of community leader – without even realizing it. They downloaded the video app TikTok to do some research and see what all the Moldavite fuss was about. After seeing the vast amount of “witcktok” content – much of it faked, irresponsible, or even downright dangerous – they started creating and sharing their own videos on the platform with the purpose of creating a safe and reliable space for new witches to find valuable information. In less than 6 months, Aradia had over 50,000 followers and had inadvertantly turned themselves into a resource for the witchtok community.

Currently, they receive dozens of comments, messages, and emails each week from beginner witches looking for guidance, advice, supplies, and community. Thus, the home of Modern Day Magick was born – a central hub for learning, shopping, and community, all centered around smart and common sense witchcraft that’s unique and personal to the practitioner.

Portions of sales are donated to support various charities throughout the year: our favorites are Boston Children’s Hospital via Extra Life, the National Center for Transgender Equality, and the American Civil Liberties Union.

We are an LGBTQIA+ owned and operated business, and support Queer and BIPOC creators whenever possible.

Our retail shop, sales and shipping procedures are environmentally friendly and sustainable whenever possible.

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